The Preparation Chamber, Chapter 1

So, I’ve written something.

It’s a piece of smutty fiction. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve pretty much completed the first “book” — it’s 15,000 words and 34 pages of text. Heh.

It’s a bit of a peek into my kinky fantasies. I often get the question: what is your ultimate fantasy? And being 48 years old and having been actively kinky for 30, that’s kind of a hard question… I’ve done a lot in those 30 years. But I decided to have a stab at writing something that kind of outlines my fantasies. And here it is.

Even more exciting is that a good friend of mine, ClausMacher, has decided to pitch in and develop his 3D modeling and animation skills on this project, so he’s doing illustrations and making my vision into fun reality!

So the plan is to release chapters periodically here, on my free site, but subscribers to my JustForFans site get a bonus: more pics and animations! We’ve started animating in earnest, but I can’t promise how often these will appear — Claus is a busy man with a family, so he animates when he can. Your patience is appreciated.

And so we begin. Chapter 1 of The Preparation Chamber, with which I have included all the pics and animations. Starting with Chapter 2, they’ll be on the JFF site for subscribers only (ya should go sign up, it’s only $9.99/month, you’re essentially just buying me a Chipotle burrito now n’ then in exchange for a TON of high-quality smut).


The Preparation Chamber

Ch. 1 – 

Chase was losing his goddamn mind.

He had no idea how long he’d been in the chamber this time. The hours were starting to bend into days. It had been an endless, continuous, ever-building torrent of need, desire, desperation, perspiration, and sheer, unbridled horniness flowing through his brain and body for what felt like an eternity, but couldn’t have been more than two days now? And he was no closer to seeing it end than he was yesterday, no apparent hope for making his captors stop what they had been doing to him. 

He’d begged, pleaded, screamed in fear, fury, and utter frustration. He hadn’t stopped panting since the guards dragged him into the chamber and strapped him to this table. When they turned the chamber on, that’s when it got bad. Chase twisted against the thick rubber wrist and ankle restraints holding him in place, painfully spread-eagled on the angled padded cross. The collar restraint around his neck kept his head secured to the platform table. All he could do was twist and pull, thrashing against the bonds, pelvis thrusting as he tried to hump the air… or whatever it was currently pressed against his crotch.

He looked again frantically for any possible weakness or way out, but all he saw was the tall panels of machinery and tubing lining the room, looking like circuitry or emitters of some kind… all of them aimed at him. The ceiling was invisible, far above him, and he couldn’t see what was up there due to the bright blue spotlight shining down on him. He craned his neck down to examine himself, seeing the strange cup device affixed to his crotch, lights blinking… and the sensations it was causing in his cock and balls… he’d never felt anything so maddeningly arousing.

The sensations the room was generating in his body were overwhelming. His head felt stuffed with cotton, and he wasn’t sure if the constant buzz he felt behind his eyes was coming from the room, or just from inside his skull. He was no longer in control of his body. Every second or two, Chase felt a rush of blood, heat, and adrenalin that started at his outer extremities and surged down from his head and up from his feet, collecting in his prostate, and then bursting out in a heated, frenetic wave through his cock. This pulse kept repeating, over and over and over… it never stopped, it just got faster and stronger and more intense. Chase felt like he was about to have the most massive orgasm ever – but it just wouldn’t arrive. It just kept building up a tighter pressure of unbridled lust inside him, and as tears streamed down his face, he wept for some kind of release. 

His cock had been painfully rock hard since they put him in here. The pre-cum was a constant flow, he could feel it soaking the crotch of the blue skin-tight spandex bodysuit he’d found himself in when he woke up in his cell; sweat drenched the stretchy, form-fitting outfit and dripped down his matted hair into his eyes. 

He wished he could wipe his face. The wrist cuffs held him stretched and taut, his joints were aching. The device on his crotch was doing something to his cock and balls, but he couldn’t figure out what. It vibrated, it massaged things, he felt pressure and heat there… but the overall effect was that it had him hornier than he’d ever been in his entire life, and it had gone on now for hours, without end or relief. 

He didn’t know why he was here. He didn’t know what his captors wanted. He could see one through the big glass window in front of him, sitting in a control room, watching him and occasionally checking screens and pushing buttons. 

“Please… what do you want?” Chase tried again, his parched throat only allowing a croak to escape. “Why… are you… doing this?” he managed between gasps, his chest heaving.

Just like countless times before, no answer came. The buzzing continued. The surges of unbearable horniness with no culminating climax went on. A moan escaped Chase’s lips as he closed his eyes against the glare, clenched his fists, and gritted his teeth. He laid his head back against the table and quietly sobbed.