I get a lot of questions about where I get my equipment, my spandex, my bondage gear, my electro stuff… so this is going to be the page where I list out my favorite sources for kinky equipment and pervertable gear!

Spandex suits:

My original source for spandex suits sadly went out of business during the COVID pandemic, guy opted to retire, and it still makes me sad. Your current options seem to be these, I’ve ordered from all of them in the past. Note: the Chinese websites are all basically the same organization with different skins — and their “crotch zippers” are limited to “male and female,” meaning you get can get your cock and balls through, but not any access to your ass. You might be able to get around that by sending a message to them first before you order asking for a custom “extra long crotch zipper that starts at the top of the crotch and ends at the top of the butt crack,” in those exact words. It’s worked for me before.

Dungeon furniture:

Things like my Lucifer chair, bondage stand, and fuckbench have all come from one source: Dungeon Delights. Great prices, solid construction, and it’s an American-owned small business, which is important to me. I’ve sold a LOT of Lucifer chairs over the years thanks to it appearing in my sinema, and while the price has gone up over the years, I don’t know anyone who bought one who doesn’t love it!

Electro gear:

I have a few sources for good electro gear. In terms of brands, the best one I’ve yet found is still ErosTek, but finding some of their units is hard these days due to the pandemic making Chinese-sourced components tricky. If you can find an ET312, buy it. Alternately, I generally recommend E-Stim Systems gear, especially their electrodes and metal plugs, which are top notch. I also own a Scream Laboratories Model X1 Interrogator, but this is a custom piece of equipment that is NOT for beginners (or anyone expecting electro to feel good). If you’re looking for a ton of different kinds of electrodes, pads, etc., the best place for that is HappyStim, which has great prices, a dizzying variety of accessories, and can really let you get creative without breaking the bank!

What do I not recommend? Any electro gear you find on Amazon or AliExpress that’s cheap and cheerful. When it comes to electro gear, you get what you pay for, always. If you want a quality set-up that actually feels good to use, expect to pay $500, minimum.

Milking machines:

I have two types of milking machines: a trusty old Venus 2000 and a latest-and-greatest NimbleStroker. They both work great, but they work in different ways. A lot of guys also swear by the Tremblr or Serious Kit gear. Tremblrs are fun, I’ve tried them, and Serious Kit stuff is also pretty extraordinary — but massively pricey, and finicky to set up. I’m happy with the two I have, don’t think I’ll be expanding anytime soon.