SubMacke’s First Electro Experience!

I like doing a lot of stuff in kink, all kinds of things, but one of my absolute favorite things to do is to introduce a newbie to electro play. See, electro is my favorite kinky tool — it’s so versatile, I can make a boy squirm, squeal, moan, groan, howl or sometime even cum hands-free! So when the opportunity arises to introduce the joys of electro play with a new boy, man, I jump at the chance.

This gorgeous boy is SubMacke, a beautiful 19 y.o. freshman at the local uni. He’s been getting into kinky things for the last few months, and is collared by the skilled Master Faberi, but I got to pop his electro cherry, so to speak! We started off with the electro plug, which is what most people enjoy most versus electro on one’s cock and balls, which can be very intense and often overwhelming. That turned out to be the case here too — he LOVED the plug pounding away in his ass, energizing his prostate, but was less keen on the sensations on his cock and balls.

And that’s when I engaged the magic set-up that usually drives boys WILD: I connected the tip of the dual-pole plug to a silicone conductive cockring around his cock and balls. It sends a signal from the big metal bulb resting on his tender prostate through that gland and out to his crotch. You’ll hear his description of what it feels like in the video as the plug does what it does… and contributes to him having a HUUUGE orgasm!

I love the noises the boy makes, and I think you will to! Can’t wait to do it to him again!