COBRA Guard Resistance Training!

There’s a certain COBRA guard out there who repeatedly seems to get himself captured, tortured, edged, and milked… and the guy spills all his secrets when his captors make him cum!

Well, time to do something about that. CaspianWolfe finds himself sent to the corrections center for some endurance training, ordered by his superiors. Locked into the standing bondage rack in his uniform, he has his cock and balls wired up to the Scream Laboratories X1 Interrogator electrotorture box, and if he gets too close to orgasm, ZAP — they get a painful shock! But to GET him close to orgasm, his cock is edged with the Hitachi wand and the correction center commandant’s thick hands.

Eventually, he’s allowed to have an orgasm, but it’s clear from this session that there’s a LOT more endurance training in store for this wayward guard!