PupNoelFF Edged & Zapped to Orgasm!

First time visitors to the dungeon typically get sent through a special routine I have developed, called the “Standard Strap n’ Zap.” Strap ’em down to the bondage table in something spandex, stick an electro plug in their ass, and edge ’em til they’re begging to be allowed to bust a load!

Well, PupNoelFF (Twitter) came to visit, and that’s exactly what we did! The incredibly sexy fisty pup had been chaste for over a week, which is a LONG time for a boy who jerks off a few times a DAY. So he was PRIMED for a huge load… and that’s EXACTLY what he delivered! And he’s SO beautifully vocal too, his moans are genuine and make me absolutely leak.

Enjoy the boy’s first (but hopefully not last) visit to the dungeon!