If you’re a sex worker or XXX content generator with an OnlyFans, JustForFans, etc., pay site that you make porny content for and want to do a collab with me, here’s my ground rules and info on how that happens:

  • There must be attraction there. I don’t open my doors to just anyone, gotta be someone who interests me and that I find attractive and appealing. This is a service I provide as part of play, I am not a professional studio.
  • You’re responsible for your travel to the Detroit area, and quite likely overnight accommodations too (at least for a first visit). My rule is that I don’t have random internet people in my house overnight, not unless I’ve met you somewhere first or someone I know and trust vouches for you. Subsequent visits, if the first one went well, or if we’ve met somewhere for dinner or a beer during my normal travels prior to making plans to collaborate, then I’d be happy to host you!
  • What we film: Bondage, electro, role play, superhero things, milking scenes, fisting, butt toys, rubber play, vacuum bondage, the lists are endless! Got an idea? Hit me up about it, I’m open! I DO prefer to make collab pay content with guys who are okay with showing their face. My philosophy on pay porn: you should get something extra if you’re paying for it, and seeing the sub’s face is that something extra. Note: what I film is REAL. The electroplay is real, the gasps you see from the subs strapped down to machines are real, if the guy has four orgasms in a row, he did. All of it is real. There is no acting here. What you see my subs experiencing is really happening to them — no fake electro noises, no silly porn talk, no pretend orgasms. If you don’t cum, you don’t cum, and we’ll show that too, that’s just how some scenes go!
  • What we WON’T be filming is me in any of it — I prefer to keep myself out of the videos, with the exception of hands, voice, or an occasional glimpse. I do not fuck the guys I play with, and any intimate sexual fun happens off-camera, if you’re interested in going there. It is by no means required of you.
  • What you get out of it: multiple full-length feature videos, pictures, GIFs, and Twitter-length teaser videos of you getting hot things done to you in a legit dungeon for you to use on your pay channels! They’ll be watermarked with your logo and mine. You’re free to use them however you like, provided that you do not remove the watermarks.
  • What I get out of it: I reserve the right to post the videos to my own pay channels as well, but I commit to coordinating with you on how best to do it so that we both maximize our ability to earn from them! I do the filming and editing, and like to maintain creative control over what comes out of it, so you likely won’t leave the session with materials — those will be coming later.

Got some interesting ideas of something you’d like to try? Don’t be afraid to hit me up!