Luca’s First Locktober Release!

There’s a new boy in town, a sexy 19 y.o. college student that goes by Luca, and he’s proving to be a LOT of fun! He’s never been kept in chastity for anything more than a week, so the idea of participating in Locktober was a little uncertain… but Locktober under my key doesn’t mean you don’t get to cum for the whole month, it simply means you don’t get to DECIDE when you cum! No jerking off on your own, someone else has to unlock you for you to have an orgasm!

Well, that worked on him, so we locked him up at the start of the month and let him out a week later, after he was batshit crazy with hormones, climbing the walls, and desperate to have an orgasm! I strapped him to the new Crimson Cross, stuffed an electro plug in his tight ass, and made him whimper for a couple hours before letting him blow a huge load! He was still hard after that first orgasm, so I threw him on the Lucifer Chair and made him cum AGAIN before locking him up! Didn’t record the chair bit, that was just a bit of intimate fun between us, but drained his balls nicely…

Perhaps for week two’s release, I’ll put him on the chair and set a milking machine on him… but until then, enjoy his first orgasm since being locked up a week ago!