The Preparation Chamber, Chapter 3

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Ch. 3 – 

Ben’s heart leapt into his throat as the iron grip of the guards’ fists encircled his wiry biceps and bodily lifted him out of the chair and into the hallway.
“No!” he yelled as they dragged him across the corridor into a room across the hall. 

The boy struggled and pulled at his captors, but there was no contest here – he was half the mass of just one of these muscle-bound thugs, they were utterly unaffected by his resistance. 

Placed in the middle of the room, Ben’s wrists were locked into a rigid padded metal shackle, and then hoisted over his head on a chain. An electric winch then lifted him from the floor by about a foot, leaving him to dangle in the middle of the room, as he frantically looked around for some way to free himself, kicking at his captors as he flailed helplessly. 

The guards worked quickly then, producing two long knives and cutting away the boy’s clothes, leaving him naked and increasingly panicked. They scooped up the shredded rags and departed, leaving the boy alone and dangling in the center of the metal cell, his breathing now frantic as he began to imagine what was coming next for him. A panel opened on the wall of cabinets in front of him, revealing a sheer white spandex bodysuit, long legs, long sleeves. The shackle holding him off the ground then lowered him to his feet before snapping open.

Ben jumped as a voice suddenly boomed from unseen speakers: “Put on the suit.” 

Ben stared around him at the black brick-lined room he was in, clearly some kind of prison cell with its bed against one wall, a combination metal toilet and sink in a corner, and a bunch of cabinets opposite the bed. Opposite the entry doors that the guards had dragged him through was what looked like a huge airlock. The brightness of the room was powerful, light coming from a wide strip in the ceiling which appeared to be one solid illuminated panel. “What?” he breathed, hunched over, hands covering his crotch in naked embarrassment.

“Put it on, or you will be punished,” the voice repeated. 

The boy’s eyes went wide, but he walked over to the open locker, slipped the garment off a hook, and began to slide it on over his slim, smooth body. Punishment or not, he was naked, and that was intolerable to his modesty. Despite the fact that the smooth, thin white lycra wasn’t doing much to hide anything anyway, it was still something. 

After he put on the suit and zipped up the back, he looked around. 

“So what now?” he said to the disembodied voice in the room. 

The response came as an airlock portal in the wall opposite the door he had entered slid open into the room beyond it, revealing a space just like the one he saw the other man in the blue suit being tortured in. Another preparation chamber, just like the one “Item 884” was in. A hexagonal room, paneled with spiky machinery, a terrifying restraint-covered cross table in the middle, and a glass wall with a control room beyond it.

“Enter the chamber, and lay down on the cross,” came the voice.

Ben’s eyes bulged as he realized what was in store for him. He turned back to the door he came into, and pounded on it with his fists. 

“Enter the chamber, and lay down on the cross,” the voice repeated. 

“Absolutely fucking not!” Ben yelled in frantic reply, fists banging uselessly on the thick metal door. “Let me OUT of here! This is not what I signed up for!”

Abruptly, the door slid open and Ben stumbled backwards a step. In came the two guards again, as Ben scrambled backwards to flee their grip. 

“No! NO! I am not going in there!” he cried as he held his arms out in a defensive stance, backing towards the open portal. Again, it was no match – two burly guards versus one skinny college twink. They again grabbed him by the arms, hoisted him to his feet and dragged him kicking and twisting into the preparation chamber.

Over to the cross they marched, stepping up to it and bodily forcing him onto it. As one guard firmly held him down, the other affixed his wrists and ankles into the restraints. A collar attached to the table was fastened around his neck. Ben felt the restraints tightening, stretching his arms and legs painfully wide, stressing his joints and ligaments. A low humming began, joining the whirs, clicks, and buzzes emanating from the walls around him.

“Please, don’t do this!” he wailed, “I don’t want to do this!”

Motion down between his legs got his attention, and he craned his head as much as he could to see what was happening. To his horror, a cup was rising from below the table, between his legs, on a flexible strut. It slowly motored towards his crotch, and he could see the interior of it filled with all kinds of mysterious projections, nubs, and servos. It affixed itself over his pelvis, and locked itself in place.

That’s when an increasing hum of machinery and electricity began to saturate the chamber, vibrating the air and setting up a buzz in his head. 

Ben stared down his body in horror at the control room in front of him, seeing a technician in there, seated at the consoles, flipping switches and twisting dials. His heart pounded in his chest, as he knew what was coming next. He’d seen it happening to that poor fucker next door. 

That’s when the first pulse came. It was a rush of warmth, like a wave of invisible sunlight filling his body, starting at the top of his head and the tips of his fingers and toes, and surging through his body to center on two spots: his flaccid cock and the spot deep in his bowels where his prostate was. When the wave reached those two spots, the warmth exploded into an overwhelming rush of pleasure and sensation, causing him to throw his head back in a massive gasp, his breath catching for a second before he began to pant.

The machine on his crotch fired up too. Ben could feel it vibrating, massaging his cock and balls through the spandex suit. Some kind of pressure was building there too, and the heat, the heat of the thing… he could feel some kind of infrared beams bathing his most tender areas. 

As the full-body pulsing sensation subsided, Ben looked down at his lean swimmer’s body. As he feared, his cock was getting hard in its captive cup, and he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel it as it stretched against the sheer fabric, eliciting a faint whimper from the boy’s throat, just as a second pulse raced through his body, making him stiffen and gasp again. And then another. And then another. And another. 

The frequency began to accelerate, the pulses coming faster and faster, his cock stiffening to an almost painful level, his ass clenching over and over, invaded by the most incredible sensations he’d ever felt there. Relentlessly, the pulses continued as his heart raced and sweat began to bead on his forehead. A tear escaped Ben’s left eye as he twitched uncontrollably, every muscle spasming as he shivered and shook in the merciless grip of the thick black restraints, fists clenched, precum starting to leak from his rock-hard cock as his balls practically vibrated with unknown energy.

“Oh… God…” he moaned through gritted teeth, trying to resist the unending, intensifying waves of sexual pleasure coursing through his young body.