It’s Been One Year of JustFor.Fans!

Hard to believe, but it’s been ONE YEAR of having my JustFor.Fans page, and it’s been doing quite well! So I’m taking this opportunity to give massive thanks to everyone who’s helped me get to this poing, who’ve come over to play, to “make content,” to put themselves out there, and to have a great time doing it! I know I’ve certainly enjoyed myself!


In particular, serious thanks to the collab that started it all with the SWCollegeBoys, Carter Collins and Oliver Marks! But also big thanks to AquadikSwitch, PupLicker, SamBridleXXX, LockedNerd, Its_Luca_AD, BarberSully, PupCulver, LuxLustreNSFW, BDSMBoyGee, ClausMacher, JamesBlond_1, GimpSpasm, and OnceBitten! I’m sure I’ve left someone out there too.

And big thanks to you, the viewers and subscribers, who’ve enabled me to go further and do more thanks to your ongoing financial support and fandom! Wait’ll you see what the next year of kinky fun brings!