4U2Bind’s Electro Hands-Free Orgasm

After months of keeping the dungeon closed due to pandemic conditions, we’ve very carefully opened our strict bubble up to welcome a returning boy. Everyone quarantined ahead of time, everyone was COVID-tested too — I urge everyone to still take the situation seriously.

That said, meet 22 y.o. 4U2Bind, a sexy guy who’s been here before, and is hopefully coming back again soon!

I used a new electro technique on him, one that’s now proven to generate a hands-free orgasm 2 out of the 2 times I’ve used it… It involves an audio file played through an ErosTek ET312 electro box, a tri-phase connector wire, an anal plug, a cockring, a loop around the boy’s shaft, and some fiddling with the settings to make it all work! The noise you hear that sounds like someone’s playing a theremin is actually the audio file — those whoops and buzzes are what the boy is feeling as the current flows and mixes between the electrodes on his body.

I LOVE the way the thing makes his thighs quiver, how his whole body trembles periodically, as the overwhelming sensations bring him to shoot! And stay tuned to the end for the ringing endorsement! *puffs chest*