AJKink Gets Vocal on Electro!

I really love it when a boy gets vocal. Nothing’s less entertaining to me than a sub who just lies there, endures whatever is happening to them stoically, thinking that them showing any kind of reaction is somehow weakness or embarrassing. If I’m edging a guy, or cranking up the electricity, or beating on his balls, or stuffing a toy in his ass, what gets ME off (in lieu of actually putting my own cock in the guy) is their reaction.

Thankfully, AJKink isn’t one of those “lay there and take it” kinda boys. In this scene, I stuffed an electro plug in his ass and wired up his cock and balls, and man, the noises were pure music! I also employed the NimbleStroker milking machine for a bit too, but in the end, resorted to the old tried and true method of just doing things by hand! Turn up the sound on this one if you like to hear a hot young guy in the throes of ecstasy!