The Warehouse

So one day, I decided I wanted to film something a bit more involved. A bit more long-form, something that told a story as well as provided some jerk-off material. And that became this: The Warehouse. A friend of mine had just taken possession of a new industrial space for his printing business, but hadn’t moved in yet — and he let me borrow it for an evening to film this!

It stars the super-sexy PupLink as the captured sub in the blue zentai, Zathin, 2nDeep, and MaximusL as my evil henchmen, and a brief cameo by PonySkotter at the very end as the second captured sub boy (he also helped out a lot with filming). Know that all of the noises you hear, all of the moans, groans, are real. I use real electro play on my boys, that Fuck-Z-All machine is really plowing his ass.

The only not-real part: this is entirely consensual. It may LOOK like an abduction, but it’s not. SOMETHING has to be movie magic, no?

Part 1:


Part 2: