YMD 2.0 is live on JustForFans!

So HERE’S some exciting news… YngMstrDetroit2.0 is getting off the ground! What is that? Well, I’ve started a JustForFans page to take what I do here to the next level. And yeah, that means putting most of that behind a paywall. The goal is to fund the Dream Dungeon with whatever I can make off that page. Don’t worry, there’ll still be free stuff posted here as well, not gonna forget the fans that got me to the place I am today. But for those of you who want something a bit EXTRA… well, there’s gonna be YMD2.0 coming in June 2023!

So what’s that gonna entail? Here’s a perfect example of what I’m going to do: check out the collab I filmed with the absolutely gorgeous SWCollegeBoys, Carter Collins and Oliver Marks! They’ll be releasing the multi-video set we filmed over several months (we filmed a LOT of content) on their own SWCollegeBoys JFF page, so you’re gonna want to subscribe to see all of the insanely hot things I did to them! It’s not pricey (think of it as you buying them each a latte once a month), so you contributing to their income I think is a good thing if it helps bring content THIS hot into your inbox!

Check out the sneak preview montage of what we got up to!