Rubber Destruction 1

This one was a really fun one to film. Famous rubberist Whiteout rang me up, and threw out a fun idea: he had a latex Dainese-style motorcycle racing suit that was on its absolute last legs. The butt had blown out, the seams were coming apart… it looked fine on camera and in photos, but it was one good yawn away from completely falling to pieces. So, he says, why not send it out in a blaze of glory? Let’s film something wild with it, let’s destroy it on camera!

So we organized a fun afternoon with the help of a local nightclub, my partner 2nDeep and my then-collared boy Zathin, a motorcycle, a steel tube bondage chair, and a little creative editing! When I first published it, oh my GOD, the butthurt from all the rubberboys… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I feared something terrible had happened. Hehehe!

NOTE: Like all my scenes, this scene was COMPLETELY consensual, and no actual “knockout” occurred here. No chemicals used, nothing forced, nothing coerced. It’s all movie magic, folks. Consent is critical, at all times, in my opinion.