The First Post: Claus In The Vac-Rack, Remastered

We’re back on the air! Kicking off the new website with a remastered version of one of my oldest, original videos — a bisexual 30-something rubber fetishist (Claustro on FetLife) who loves confinement and edging! A little info about this video — the guy in the vac-rack is also the one who made it for us, and in fact has made almost all of our rubber confinement gear over the years. He’s tremendous fun, and as you’ll see, makes amazing noises.

Sorry about the vacuum noise in this vid, this is before we figured out how to put the vac in another room, but still keep it running. The vac-rack here didn’t seal well enough to shut the vacuum off and still maintain suction, so we had to keep it going.


But it’s okay, you can still hear his screaming orgasm through the gag and over the howling shop-vac! And to see his lithe, lean body thrashing helplessly against the immobilizing suction… hnnng. So very, very hot. Enjoy!