Rubber Destruction 2

After the first Rubber Destruction video went live and proved to be crazy popular, Whiteout had the idea to do another one — someone sent him a suit that was on its last legs, totally blown out in the crotch, and not repairable. So like the first video we did, wherein the boy was “abducted,” bound, and stripped out of the suit, we decided to do it again!

This time, our evil henchmen in the black zentai are my collared boy OnceBitten and PupSlugger, who traded in his dog hood for a gas mask for a few hours! Filmed at a local kinky gathering spot that has sadly now closed, they drag Whiteout into the space and strap him to the Lucifer Chair before using some very special spiked razorgloves to shred the suit from his body! He’s then subjected to the Hitachi wand to milk a big load out of him!

Part 1:


Part 2: