Claustro at The Mark — Part 2

The second day that one of my favorite playmates, Claustro, and I spent at Nashville’s most amazing dungeon, The Mark, was pretty damned epic. We’d made the boy cum his brains out the day before, but the second day I decided to get creative on him.

We started by suspending him upside down from a pair of special suspension stirrups using The Mark’s hoist system. Suspension can be highly dangerous, so don’t try this at home — but if you do, here’s a good Twitter thread on how to minimize your risk in doing it. When I had him up there and inverted, I pulled out a violet wand, not an electro toy I use that often as they’re really more sound than fury. Great visual toys, but they don’t actually do much for sensation — not unless you crank the thing ALL the way up and touch it to a boy’s sensitive bits, like I did! ⚡️😈⚡️

After he was thoroughly disoriented and in a thoroughly submissive headspace, I strapped him to the dungeon’s steel surgical table, stuffed an electro plug in his ass, and hooked him up to the Scream Laboratories X1 Interrogator electrotorture machine! After using a new wand to see where his most sensitive parts are, I edged him mercilessly and brought him to a howling orgasm! So much fun.