Claustro at The Mark — Part 1

Nashville, Tennessee, is known for a lot of things — the heart of country music, a kickin’ party scene, the best spicy fried chicken on the planet, and humidity like you wouldn’t believe. But it also has something you might not know about: one of the most amazing dungeons in the country! That facility is called The Mark, and if you know a member of the club, you can reserve some private time in it for a fee!

Which is just what one of my favorite playmates, Claustro, and I did earlier this fall! We spent two days in this freaky adult playground, and did a bunch of pervy stuff! This is a bit of the first day’s fun, wherein Claustro gets strapped down to a barber restraint chair, wired up with an electro plug, and milked to a screaming orgasm via the Venus 2000 milking machine! Wait’ll you see what we did on Day 2…