Claustro Faces the Electro CBT Board!

One of my favorite playmates, Claustro, returns with me to The Mark, a fantastic dungeon space in Nashville, Tenn., to go for another spin on their evil machinery! This time, I strapped him down to the surgical gurney using some Segufix-style restraints, stuffed a big electro plug in his ass, and hooked him up to the ultimate electrotorture device: the Scream Laboratories Model X1 Interrogator! I softened him up a bit by letting the plug fuck him for a while, before breaking out the latest torture toy: a classic Folsom Electric CBT board!

This combination is truly awful, and only for serious masochist guys. The Folsom CBT board is both a shocking and crushing device: your cock and balls are sandwiched between rigid electrified plates, which can be wired up a few different ways. First, we start with his balls, crushing them flat before running a powerful current through them to get him howling. Then we add the cock component, also compressing his raging hard-on for maximum conductivity! After making him suffer for our entertainment, we keep his balls in pain as he’s jerked off to a huge, howling orgasm!