College Boy’s First Electro Ride!

People often ask me why I still engage with young newbies, even though they almost often flake out in some way and leave me disappointed. Well, I do it because I love introducing youngsters to this hobby, I live for that initial *gasp* when the electro first hits ’em, and absolutely nothing is better than blowing a guy’s mind with sensations they’ve never even conceived of before. That’s what happened here with this gorgeous young 20 y.o. college student, BeauOnArrival on Twitter!

He came over, got naked, and found himself strapped to the Lucifer’s Chair with a dual-pole electro plug up his beautiful ass. His first time in serious bondage, first time with electro, first time having three orgasms in a row… two of which were ruined (he got a liiiiittle too close to the edge!). This one was a lot of fun, and just renews why I love playing with new boys. Here’s hoping he’ll be back!