GimpSpasm Rides the X1 Interrogator

I have a new favorite thing.

I’m a big fan of electrostim in all of its forms — it’s my favorite thing to do to a submissive playmate. I can make electro feel like anything from a tickle to a buzz to a full-on, endless, mind-scrambling jolt to the balls. Use it on an electro anal plug, and it feels like the hardest, most extreme fuck you’ve ever had. Attach it to the body via pads, and I can make you thrash and twitch uncontrollably. If I wire you up a certain way and run a certain program, there’s a good chance I can make you cum from it. It’s glorious, it’s hideous, it’s frightening and exhilarating, it’ll fuck with your mind and your body and leave you scared shitless as it’s happening and jerking off later to the memories of what was done to you. Most of the ultimate mind-blowing orgasms I’ve given to subs have employed an electro stimulation device.

But my newest acquisition is not an “electrostim toy.” This is a Machine. It’s one of the most intimidating contraptions I’ve ever seen, much less actually used on another person. It buzzes when it delivers a shock. It whines in sync with how much you’ve turned up the power knob. It can, when the special key is turned and the thing is wired up properly, deliver a massive jolt, far more than anything else short of a taser or a cattle prod.

The Scream Laboratories Model X1 Interrogator

This is my new Scream Laboratories Model X1 Interrogator. It is expensive. It is hand-built. Well fewer than a dozen of them have been made. Nothing like it exists anywhere else in the world (short of a Chilean prison, perhaps). I will use it on fewer than 1 in 10 visiting subs. It is not for everyone, but for those guys who like a challenge, it is the ultimate electro toy.

And I’ve finally gotten to exercise some of its potential on a visiting electro pig, the fuckin’ sexy GimpSpasm. I strapped the guy down buck nekkid instead of in my traditional spandex, ‘cuz I wanted access to all of his body. We then spent an afternoon experimenting with electrode placement, voltage levels, patterns, and more. The footage you see here is a snippet of what was done to him — in this bit, the electrodes are placed as follows: a steel cockring around his junk, a dual-pole electro anal plug, a pad on his taint, and two pads on the soles of his feet.

The buzz you hear is real. It can be activated on the box, giving an audible cue as to when the charge is delivered. The whine you hear is real. It corresponds to the power level that the box is turned up to. Both combine to drive a sub crazy, it’s a beautiful mindfuck machine. Every time you hear a buzz, a significant jolt of current is sent through his cock, balls, ass, and prostate through his body to the soles of his feet. Hence the thrashing, jerking, spasming… and ultimately, the gasping orgasm.

This is just the beginning for this box, and this boy. I’ve got some wild scenes planned for him in the future… or for anyone else brave enough to face the X1 Interrogator.