Straight Guy’s First Experience!

I always get nervous when married guys approach me, gay or straight. While I feel for a kinky guy in a relationship that’s not kinky, I’m not gonna be a homewrecker and introduce an element of uncertainty into a relationship. Especially if there’s a family involved. But when this guy hit me up, he did it with the caveat that he’s told his wife everything, and had sought her permission to approach me for play. He’d seen my videos and he wanted nothing more than to come play, to have his first real kinky experience in a true bondage dungeon. He convinced me that it was all aboveboard, and so I agreed to it!

I’m glad I did. He was incredibly hot and a ton of fun! I love to be able to provide firsts: this was his first serious bondage experience, first fetish stuff, first anal electro experience, first time even being touched in a sexual manner by another guy! There were ground rules laid down that I absolutely accept: nothing of mine enters him, nothing of his enters me. No kissing, no oral, no anal except for toys. And that’s perfectly fine, when the result is as hot as this. Yeah, he had a ruined orgasm… but that was just the first one. I kept him tied to the table and made him do it again, and that one was even MORE explosive. Didn’t get it on camera tho. S’okay, he’ll be back, he’s gotten permission for a return visit. ⚡️😈⚡️