GimpSpasm Takes the BIG Electro Plug!

Super-hung, super-sexy GimpSpasm is back in our dungeon, and this time, he wants a new challenge — so I told he’d get to try the new E-Stim Systems Stuffer electro plug! This thing is a monster… 2.5-inches in diameter, 6 inches long, and it weighs more than two pounds! It’s not the biggest plug they make, but it’s certainly larger than your average cock!

I wrapped the boy in his favorite black zentai, slapped a gas mask on him, secured him in a leather straightjacket and then tied him into our sling. I then invited 2nDeep to come and work that hole open before sticking that monster plug up GimpSpasm’s ass! Once we got it in and electrified, I slid a single-pole flexible sounding rod down his cock, and connected its conductive tip to the circuit, essentially spot-zapping the boy’s prostate!

After all that, it was time to give him one of his trademark shuddering orgasms! This guy’s one of our favorite playmates, we enjoy him on every level!