SubStitcher, Zapped and Stimmed!

The absolutely beautiful twinky SubStitcher came for a return visit, and man did we have fun! After his introduction to electro play a while ago, he’s apparently taken QUITE a liking to it, I’m told by his Masters, so we applied some fun current flow to his completely smooth body and made him squirm a good long time!

There’s a plug pounding his ass, electrodes stimming his cock and balls, and mid-way through it, we put some rotating electronic nipple stimulators on his sensitive nips! But in order to see if we could push him over the edge, I replaced ’em with some proper dual-pole nipple electrodes (never use monopole electrodes above the waist, and NEVER run a current from one nip to the other through the chest cavity!). THAT did the trick! With my hand helping out, we brought him to a beautiful, messy orgasm!