Nerdboi Edged on the Orgasm Stand

Sexy, studly Nerdboi loves to be put into predicament bondage, and I have the perfect contraption for him! It’s a Dungeon Delights O-Stand, a rigid frame meant to keep a submissive in a position that’s juuuuust short of being comfortable. Feet locked apart, wrists locked behind him, neck shackled with a rigid posture-enforcing collar, you really can’t move much. Which makes it easier to stretch his massive balls tight, pulled down to the cross bar! Combine all this with a big electro plug pounding away in his tight ass, and we have a recipe for an excruciating edging session and a massive, howling orgasm!

(Sorry about the vertical video here, but when you’re up close and trying to film something that’s naturally vertically oriented, such is life!)