Hands-Free Electro Orgasm 1

It’s a myth that electricity, properly applied, can make someone cum against their will. Cattle can do it, but humans simply aren’t wired like that. However, when all the stars line up, and you find a boy who is so massively turned on by what’s happening to him that the sensations generated by my electro equipment work juuuuust right, well… it’s possible to get a boy to have a hands-free orgasm just by playing with the dials!

That’s what happens to one of my favorite playmates whom I’ve enjoyed for years. Like me, electro is his favorite activity, and I can get him to shoot hands-free reliably EVERY time. In fact, I have to be careful not to turn it up too high or too fast, or he’ll pop in seconds!

Doesn’t hurt that he’s also a seriously beefy, hunky guy with a SUPER thick cock either… my zentai barely fit him!