Sam Bridle’s Edging Adventure

Years ago, I watched a video online of a gorgeous, massively hung, blond twink boy with some very distinctive tattoos being edged mercilessly by a dom in California. Always wondered who the boy was… and then one day, bam, there he was on Twitter! Sam Bridle, still gorgeous, still hung, still loves being edged over and over again…

So we arranged for him to come visit me for an evening to film some smutty fun for his JustForFans channel! And boy… was this seriously hot. I LOVE how expressive his eyes are, and how sensitive his cock is. This was a ton of fun to make. Special props to the sexy LockedNerd for the assist on this one!

To see the full videos, you’re going to have to subscribe to his JustForFans site, but I can give you a little preview here of what you’d get to see!

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3: