Nerdboi on the Predicament Switch!

Super-sexy Nerdboi returns to the dungeon for a weekend of fun and screaming orgasms! This time, we have him try one of the most diabolical pieces of kinky engineering I’ve ever devised: the Predicament Switch!

How does it work?

A guy is strapped down to the torture table, wired up for electro, cock encased in a vibrating Hitachi wand sleeve, wearing a special breath-control mask that’s hooked up to a custom valve box. His feet are placed on the trigger switchplate, and everything is activated — when he raises his feet off the plate, the Hitachi vibrates his cock, bringing him to orgasm, but his air supply is cut off, so he has to cum ASAP before his air runs out! If he lowers his feet, the switchplate is triggered and the airway opens, allowing him to breathe — but the ScreamLabs Interrogator X1 electro box fires a charge to whatever it’s wired up to (in this case, an electro buttplug)!


So your predicament is either hold your feet up as long as possible while holding your breath and try to cum, or lower your feet to breathe but get a massive shock, backing you off of orgasm! It’s ridiculously challenging and a serious mindfuck, the longest anyone has endured it is 15 minutes. Nerdboi’s giving it a good try, but doesn’t last quite that long… so we move instead to spreading those thicc thighs and edging him to a massive screaming orgasm instead!