Wrestler Gets Electro Edged

My old friend BoundHard (we go back further than I’d care to think about) came to have some fun in my dungeon, and he reminded me why I enjoy playing with him so much! He’s so wonderfully responsive to stimuli — edging, electro plugs, and especially nipple play. So I figured he was the perfect candidate to introduce a new toy of mine — a pair of high quality 3D printed bipolar electric nipple clamps from a shop I found online!

Now hold up, nobody’s been more vocal than me for telling people not to use electro stim above the waist. But there IS a way to do it more safely (meaning no current runs across the chest). You need two things: 1. A bipolar nip clamp that sends current from one side of the clamp to the other, across ONLY the nipple, and 2. An electro box that has isolated channels (most of them are NOT isolated channels, and are not suitable for this kind of activity). These clips are bipolar, and they’re used on an E-Stim Systems 2B, which does have isolated channels, so we’re good here!

And man… the effect they have is intense. I didn’t get the boy higher than 12% power on these, and even THAT is pretty serious! Think you can go higher? Hit me up. ⚡️😈⚡️