Sunday Afternoon CBT

Time for a little CBT! Okay, actually, a lot of CBT — this set-up is one of the more extreme to which I subject boys who tell me that they like to be challenged. FullMetalBC has an anal electro plug in him, pulsing away on Orgasm setting. His cock and balls are wired up in a few places for pleasurable stimulation. But there’s also a Hitachi vibrator wand with an attachment sleeve over his cock that I’ve modified to include two metal electrodes attached to a second e-stim box that activates on a remote control.

I then use the vibrator to get him nice and close, edge him over and over again… and when he gets TOO close, I trigger those steel cock sleeve electrodes to deliver a painful shock that immediately backs him off! Rinse and repeat for an hour or two, and the result is a drooling, sobbing mess of a boy who just wants to cum, and who’ll do anything to be allowed to. And me, being a big softie, well I decided to let him!