MaskdCat’s Screaming Orgasm

What has muscles and meows and is hung like a firehose? Well, that’d obviously be the infamous MaskdCat! He came to visit once, and we couldn’t resist putting him in his trademark hood, strapping him down, and milking that insanely thick cock with the Venus 2000 milking machine! Just how thick is he? Do you see how the Venus hardly moves on his cock? That’s because IT BARELY FIT IN THE TUBE. In the end, my lovely assistant Zathin had to resort to manual means, since there just wasn’t enough movement with the milker!

When this video was posted to Xtube, it generated the most epic comment that I’ve ever received on any of my videos:

“”MaskdCat possesses an Organ that is a Wonder of the World, and his Seed should be sold for Impregnations so that the Race of Horsemen will continue to dominate the Planet.”

Not wrong, fella. Not wrong at all. Make sure your sound is on for this one. 😈