The 20,000 Twitter Follower Celebration Video!

It’s been a long, strange road to get where I am today, and recently I hit a new milestone: 20,000 Twitter followers! Does that mean anything in particular? No, not really, but it’s just a fun metric and a reason to make something pervy for everyone to enjoy!

Just so happened that hot young GimpSpasm was going to be over the weekend of the milestone, so we decided to film something fun — a two-part video that pushed the boy’s limits. In Part One, I strap him naked to the Lucifer Chair and wire him up with an anal electro plug pulsing away on the Erostek ET312. That’s the good-feeling electro. But to keep him from having any orgasms, I also wired up his abs, legs, cock and balls to the Scream Laboratories X1 Interrogator box. I slipped his thick cock into the variable Hitachi wand and set off to alternately edging him, fucking him with the plug, and shocking him hard when he got a little too worked up!

But then he got mouthy… so we had to crank the X1 up to some serious levels, far more than most boys could tolerate, but he’s a bit of a pig. He was sore as hell the next day, but these days he’s looking back on it and saying “We totally should have gone further…”

Well, in Part Two we do — he’s wrapped in a spandex catsuit, strapped down tight, and milked mercilessly of FOUR loads! That one’s coming soon, but enjoy Part One to see the boy howl!