20,000 Twitter Follower Celebration Vid: Part 2!

The milestone celebration of 20,000 Twitter followers continues with this, Part 2 of hot young GimpSpasm’s torment! In Part 1, I strapped him naked into the Lucifer Chair, wired him up for some VERY strong electrostim, and made him howl and thrash. Well, he suffered so well for everyone’s entertainment that I felt a reward was in order — so in this video, which we filmed after he had a couple hours to recover from being shocked on the chair, I wrap him in a sexy black spandex suit, strap him to the torture table, and continue his torment!

The guy is locked down tight, and the electro plug is turned on again to keep his ass thumpin’. I then affix a Venus 2000 milking machine to his cock and turn it on niiiiice and slow — the exact way that makes him cum, he told me. Well it worked… it didn’t just make him cum, it made him cum FOUR TIMES. He spent more than two-and-a-half hours strapped to this table, having his balls drained absolutely dry, and by the fourth orgasm he was a gibbering mess! I think you’ll agree, this is one of the hottest milking scenes ever filmed, certainly in my dungeon anyway!