The Clear Vacuum Experiment

So once or twice a year, our friend Claustro comes to visit. He’s kink-famous, but you might not have heard of him. See, he’s the evil mastermind behind almost all of our nefarious rubber gear — the Vac-Tower, the Vac-Rack, any number of other evil devices as well. He’s a tinkerer, a pervert, and a seriously sexy fucker, and whenever he visits we give him free rein to dream up whatever kinky experiments he wants to try. And this visit, he was inspired by an art piece he saw and and old video that appeared on RubberZone a long, long time ago, and created this: clear PVC vacuum kink.

He created two things; he turned our torture table into a rigid vac-rack, and he created a standing “vac-pouch,” both using PVC sheet. See, PVC isn’t like latex — it doesn’t stretch, doesn’t flex. So when it sucks you down to the table or in the pouch, you’re stuck. You can’t move AT ALL. It’s probably one of the most rigid, inflexible, immobilizing bondage devices I’ve ever seen.

Thankfully, the beautiful LuxLustre happened by to act as a guinea pig, and we spent an evening swapping them in and out of the various PVC bondage devices, first on the table, and then in the pouch, where they both got a BIG orgasm finish!