Aquadik’s Double Orgasm

After nearly 25 years of playing with hot young sub boys, it’s easy for me to forget that something that might seem routine for me (like putting a boy in spandex, strapping him to the torture table, stuffing an electro plug in his ass and milking his cock of two consecutive orgasms) is still a mind-blowing adventure for someone who’s never really had much in the way of kinky fun before. It’s good to get a reminder of that now and then, and I did when smokin’ hot young Aquadik came over to play!

He’d been on an assignment this summer in a place that didn’t really let him have any sexy fun, so I used that opportunity to keep him chaste for nearly a month — and then had him come over, assume the position, and get his balls very, VERY thoroughly drained! His muscles look sooooo good in that suit, straining against the fabric… in his own words: “It’s funny how it feels SO much more intense than it looks!”

I think it looks pretty intense.

You can imagine how it feels.