PupLicker Ends 18 Months of Chastity!

Personally, I can’t fathom locking away my cock away and not using it for even a few days… but for some boys, such servitude and denial comes naturally. That’s PupLicker’s situation — the boy is collared by a Master Faberi in Canada, and keeps his cock locked away like a good slaveboy. Due to the pandemic and other situations, he’s been locked away since at least December 2019… more than 18 months now! Well, he came over to visit, and I had permission from his Master to actually make him cum as many times as I could, which is one of my most favorite things to do!

So I put him in something stretchy, strapped him to the Lucifer Chair, stuffed his ass full of the biggest electro plug I have, and edged him into mindless oblivion. When it looked like he was getting too close to an orgasm before I was ready to let him cum, I wired up his cock and balls too, and applied a tri-phase electrostim program that is both incredibly intense and tends to bring boys even closer to orgasm without letting them spooge. After nearly an hour of this torture, I gave him his reward — a massive, gooning orgasm that melted his brain. Then later on, I strapped him to the torture table and pulled another one out of his balls… but that’s a video for later on. Enjoy the boy’s first orgasm in 18 months! I know he sure did…