PupLicker Ends 18 Months of Chastity — Pt. 2!

So after beautiful PupLicker was allowed to unlock and have his first orgasm after EIGHTEEN MONTHS of enforced chastity, I figured that there had to be more than one load in his swollen balls — and I was determined to get it out! So after a bit of recovery from his massive, epic orgasm on the Lucifer Chair, I cleaned him up, stuffed another electroplug in his ass, and strapped him to the torture table to subject him to the Venus 2000 milking machine to get at least one more out of him!

The poor boy thrashed and squirmed as the machine worked his sore, rock hard cock, but like a trooper he performed as I desired, blowing another huge load into the machine. That then acted like even MORE lube as it continued to suck away at him! Did we get TWO more out of him? Have a look… ⚡️😈⚡️