Straight Guy Returns!

Earlier this year, I had a newbie in to my dungeon — a straight married young father who desperately wanted to explore kink, and who got permission from his wife to do so with me. We had a good time for sure, but his first-ever orgasm brought about in bondage by an experienced dom was a bit of a let-down, seeing as how it was just a biiiit… well… ruined, heh.

Well, I figured that really wasn’t fair. And the guy had such a good time on my table, that he wanted to do it again — so he got permission for return visits! Here’s his latest experience, filmed before the Omicron variant shut us down again. This time, I put him in the red suit that fits him so nicely, plugged his virgin ass with an electro plug, zapped him good n’ hard to get him fired up, and then set the Venus 2000 milking machine on him to bring him to a PROPER orgasm! No popping off his rock-hard cock right at climax this time, heheh!

Here’s hoping we get to have more fun with him in 2022!